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Can you afford NOT to outsource?

Can you afford NOT to outsource? 

Feeling swamped with tasks that don't align with your core skills or interests? An endless stream of routine tasks is piling up, draining your time and energy. 

While you understand the importance of focusing on strategic aspects of your business, the never-ending influx of emails, unattended leads, cash flow struggles, and a growing stack of invoices keeps mounting.  

If you need help with your business but don't have the budget or space for another employee (or simply want to trim costs), hiring a VA may be right for You know you need help. You enquire about hiring a Virtual Assistant, "how much?" you say, "I can't possibly afford that!" 

The Power of Teamwork at Griffin VA's 

When you collaborate with us at Griffin VA's, you're not just tapping into one VA's expertise; you're accessing a team of highly proficient professionals. Our team comprises individuals with extensive experience, having held senior roles in diverse businesses. Moreover, we excel in streamlining operations, leveraging the best technological platforms to tailor processes to your unique requirements.

The Cost Breakdown: In-House vs. Griffin VAs

Let's put this into perspective: You could opt for hiring a Personal Assistant (PA) as an employee. However, it's likely they may possess some of the skills you require but not all. Are they proficient in both social media management and bookkeeping? Are they available round-the-clock to handle urgent calls and adjust schedules on the fly?

According to Total Jobs (2023), the average yearly salary for a PA in the UK is approximately £29,500. If you hire them as an employee for 35 hours a week, this translates to roughly £16.21 per hour.

The True Cost of Hiring In-House

Interstingly, this hourly rate is nearly £10 less than you'll spend, on average, working with us - even if you have happened to find the most AMAZING PA who can do it all and who is available to you 24/7. 

However, being an employer comes with added costs. You'll need to contribute 13.8% for Class 1 National Insurance (NICs) on all earnings above £12,570 per year. Additionally, there's the mandatory pension contribution, calculated at a minimum of 3% based on the employee's pensionable earnings. 

Consider the instances when the employee takes sick leave or annual holidays, averaging 5.7 and 34 days retrospectively in the UK. These periods of absence, totaling 40 days a year, not only disrupt your business operations but also incur costs as you continue to pay the employee during these periods. 

Seamless Support with Griffin VA's

At Griffin VA's, we provide a dedicated account manager, and our processes are meticulously documented. If a team member is unavailable, another expert from our team seamlessly steps in ensuring uninterrupted progress on your tasks. 

If we factor in the standard Monday to Friday work week, there are 252 working days out of 365 in a year. When factoring this in, the cost of an employee escalates to approximately £22 per hour. 

Efficiency: A Key Advantage

Yet, we haven't even considered the workplace distractions - breaks, errands, or social interactions - that are part of the employee's day. even when working remotely, employees are paid for these moments. 

Workplace trends estimate that an average of TWO hours are lost daily as a result of distractions. Employees are paid for this time, whether they are productive or not. 

Transparent Pricing with Griffin VAs  

For a 35-hour contractual week, an employee's true cost to an employer is approximately £25.67 per hour. This accounts for NIC and pension contributions for 214 working days a year, assuming 6 hours per day.

At Griffin VAs, we track all work meticulously. Each task is logged and timed precisely, ensuring you only pay for the time we dedicate to your tasks. Our pricing is transparent, with a minimum 10-hour contract per month, eliminating any unwelcome surprises.

Office Space and Facilities: A Hidden Expense

Returning to the employee, consider the expenses associated with providing facilities. Office space, desks, ergonomic chairs, refreshments, stationery, training, insurance, and utilities - these all come at an additional cost. While the specifics may vary, it's evident that our hourly rate, when examined alongside the comprehensive expenses of employing an office-based worker, is more reasonable than it initially appears.

At Griffin VAs, we come prepared with our own infrastructure - computers, phones, insurance, and office space - and we even cover our own tea. We are a team of dedicated professionals, utilising our expertise to efficiently deliver high-quality work. 

Take the Leap: Contact Griffin VA's Today!

Now, ask yourself: Can you afford to miss out on engaging with Griffin VAs?

Reach out today for a no-obligation discussion on how we can best support your business. From all of us at Griffin VAs, we eagerly await hearing from you!

Posted on October 12th 2023

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