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A virtual assistant or a part time employee - which one is right for you?

The part-time employee

If you are looking to work with someone who will work for you in a traditional way, then consider employing a part-time employee.

As an employer, you will have to find and hire this person, who then becomes employed by your company. You will also be responsible for paying them a salary and other benefits (e.g., holiday pay), as well as tax, national insurance contributions (NIC) and pension contributions on their behalf. In addition to these costs, the employee will probably expect annual leave from time to time which has its own associated expenses such as paying for replacement cover or using agency staff during periods of absence from work.

*It is more straightforward to employ someone in comparison to working with a virtual assistant

  • You will need to get to know your virtual assistant before you can trust them and rely on them. This requires that you spend a lot of time with them, which can be expensive if they are not delivering the results that you need.
  • If your business is growing faster than anticipated, it may take some time for a virtual assistant to catch up with their workload. This can cause problems for both parties because deadlines will not be met or projects will not be completed on time due to communication issues.
  • If there is an issue with your data security or if someone has access rights but uses them inappropriately, there could be legal consequences involved if they were employed rather than worked as a contractor

*You get the satisfaction of employing a fellow human being

One of the best things about hiring a virtual assistant is that you get to employ another person. Seeing someone working for you and knowing that they're earning money from what they're doing is an amazing feeling.

It's not just the social benefits, either—the ability to build relationships with your employees can be incredibly rewarding, giving both parties a sense of satisfaction from helping each other out. And if you're hiring locally, it's even easier to see their progress as they accomplish tasks on your behalf!

In short: don't underestimate how satisfying it can be just seeing someone succeed in their work while doing something they love—and being able to contribute towards that success yourself!

*Working with a Virtual Assistant requires some learning and effort on your part

Working with a Virtual Assistant requires some learning and effort on your part.

You will need to learn to delegate, something that may be new for you if you are used to doing everything yourself. You will also need to be able to communicate your needs clearly, which can be difficult when you are not face-to-face. The best communication happens in real-time and over the phone, but this is often not possible with a VA because they may live in another country or have other commitments during normal business hours.

As a result, internet-based communication tools such as Skype or Slack are becoming more popular for communicating with your Virtual Assistant - though it’s still important that there is clear communication before working together so everyone knows what their responsibilities are and what they should expect from each other!

Virtual assistants are gaining traction as an alternative to traditional employees

Virtual assistants can be a great alternative to traditional employees.

Virtual assistants are gaining traction as an alternative to traditional employees. They're often less expensive than hiring full-time help and you can hire them with specialized skills, such as social media management or copywriting. Since they operate remotely, you don't need a workspace for them and you can hire one from anywhere in the world!

Posted on October 26th 2022

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