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20 admin tasks a VA can take off your hands?


Bookkeepers are the people who keep track of all company transactions. They make sure that expenses are paid on time, they receive and record income and payments, they generate invoices, reports and financial statements. Basically, they handle all the paperwork related to your business income, spending and wages.

The bookkeeper you hire needs to be a self-starter with a head for numbers. While there are no specific degrees or certifications required to become a bookkeeper (it is possible to train as one on the job), having a relevant qualification will make it easier for you to source qualified candidates for the position.

Bookkeeping is an essential part of running any small business – if it’s not handled properly, you won’t know what your income streams are or where your money is going. To avoid this scenario, many businesses hire bookkeepers in house. In contrast with accountants (who mostly work with tax returns), bookkeepers focus solely on keeping financial records up to date so that when tax time rolls around they’re already organized and ready to go! A good bookkeeper can also provide valuable insight into how much cash flow businesses have coming in each month based on past trends; this allows them more control over their finances which ultimately leads success."

Project Managers

Aside from keeping you on schedule, your Project Manager will also:

  • Manage client communication and expectations
  • Set up and maintain project management tools
  • Pull together all the pieces of a project and ensure everything is done correctly and within the specified timeframe


Having a transcriptionist on hand can be useful when you need to convert an audio recording into written text. This service is commonly used in the medical field (where it's called "medical transcription"), but can also be applied to everyday situations, such as transcribing your favorite podcast or turning a recorded interview into a readable article.

In addition to ensuring that you have an accurate record of important information, this service can save time and headaches if you're trying to draw specific details from an audio source. Plus, hiring a VA for this kind of work is likely cheaper than doing it yourself—especially if the task requires urgent completion. No matter how good your typing skills are, having someone handle the job while you focus on other projects will help keep your business running smoothly.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach and build relationships with prospects and customers. But as a busy business owner, you might not have the time or resources to handle it all yourself.

A VA can help with email marketing in a number of ways:

  • Create newsletters for a variety of purposes (newsletters, holiday greetings, etc.)
  • Manage email lists and send out campaigns
  • Design opt-in boxes, write autoresponders and manage opt-in lists
  • Write welcome letters for new subscribers

Event Planners

Event planners can also:

  • Help you create a memorable event. Hiring an event planner will allow you to put the pressure of planning your next corporate event on someone else and give them the freedom to be creative.
  • Keep your costs in check. You’re in charge of the bottom line so having some help keeping track of the budget will come in handy. If you don’t know what something is going to cost, a Virtual Assistant can get quotes for you and let you know where your money is being spent.

Blog Writers

Have you ever wanted to write ahead and schedule content for your blog but didn’t have the time?

Well, hiring a VA for blog writing is an excellent way to get ahead. Here are 6 reasons why:

  • A good writer knows how to create engaging content that keeps people coming back to your site
  • Good blog posts drive traffic to your site through organic search results in Google
  • Blog posts can be used as social media posts and email marketing campaigns
  • Blog posts can be used as guest posts on other websites, which brings more traffic back to your site (and sometimes links too)
  • Blogs can also be used for link building – including them in relevant articles on other sites will help build backlinks

Marketing Coordinators

Marketing Coordinators

Marketing coordinators are responsible for developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans. They also help increase sales and brand awareness. Marketing coordinators work with advertising agencies, public relations teams and social media marketing specialists to create a cohesive strategy to reach your target audience. You can expect a marketing coordinator to:

  • Research and analyze market trends
  • Create and execute marketing plans
  • Manage and optimize marketing campaigns
  • Create and review marketing materials (brochures, flyers etc.)
  • Create content for marketing materials such as catalogs, newsletters etc.
  • Help with sales presentations by providing background information about the market or clients

Virtual Office Managers

Virtual office managers are the right-hand men and women of business owners. Whether you have a team of five or a team of 50, they’re the glue that holds your company together. From running errands to creating invoices to scheduling meetings, your virtual office manager will do it all.

Website Development and Maintenance

One of the most frustrating aspects of website marketing is the necessity to constantly monitor your website’s progress and stay on top of its maintenance. It’s not easy, but with a good VA, you don’t have to do it anymore. Here are some tasks that can be offloaded by a web development agency:

  • Devising an SEO strategy for your website
  • Task management software
  • SEO reports
  • SEO advice

Learn how a virtual assistant can help you run your business more efficiently

Sometimes it seems like there are never enough hours in the day. As a small business owner, your to-do list may be pages long and you're expected to keep up with every task on your own. Whether it's managing emails, scheduling appointments, or updating your website, these tasks can take up a lot of time. To make things easier for yourself, consider hiring a virtual assistant (VA) who can help you complete some of these tasks and free up more of your time.

Posted on October 1st 2022

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